KWÄF was conceived and developed by entrepreneur and wine enthusiast, Cheryl Gaeta. Tired of the messy clean up and drip traditional aerators and trying not to chip expensive decanters, Cheryl went to work and developed .

The first step was to be sure there was a balance of wine and oxygen mixing together. After several generations of KWÄF in research and development, Cheryl found the peak of balance of aeration. Cheryl then went to work on making KWÄF dripless. As a result, we have the first in-bottle, dripless wine aerator.
Enjoy What You Pour!

First In-Bottle Aerator

Introducing the world’s first in-bottle wine aerator designed to fit all wine bottles.

Instant Aeration

KWÄF aerates your wine as you pour, instantly enhancing and dramatically improving the flavor.

Specialized Design

The unique design exposes wine to more oxygen as it's poured through