The Simple Secret to Enhanced Wine Experience

Discovering Aeration

It might be an unfamiliar word, but aeration, when it comes to wine, is exactly what it sounds like: a process by which the liquid, previously sealed tight in its bottle, is exposed to air. If you’re confident that you’ve never tried it, well, you’re probably wrong—the simple act of uncorking a bottle and pouring the wine into a glass is aeration. Swirling the wine around, letting It breathe… also aeration!

Instant Aeration Anytime, Anywhere

Innovation Meets Simplicity in Wine Enjoyment

That said, many wines will benefit greatly from a more focused, intense process. Enter the KWÄF Wine Aerator, an innovative, easy, and affordable new tool that enables you to aerate your wine instantly, wherever you are. Created by winemakers, KWÄF Wine Aerators feature specially designed flutes and tunnels, so they oxygenate as you pour. Once you’ve enjoyed the last drop, you can recycle your KWÄF Wine Aerators along with the bottle.

The Key to Unlocking Wine's True Potential

Why Aeration Matters

Still wondering exactly why you should be aerating your wines? Simply put, it makes them better. Aeration softens the tannins present in red wines, instantly improving their flavor, and enhances the aroma of white wines; it makes everyday wines taste expensive, and makes special wines taste exactly as the winemaker originally intended!

First In-Bottle Aerator

Introducing the world’s first in-bottle wine aerator designed to fit all wine bottles.

Instant Aeration

KWÄF aerates your wine as you pour, instantly enhancing and dramatically improving the flavor.

Specialized Design

The unique design exposes wine to more oxygen as it's poured through